Getting Started Part 1 - Posting Reviews & Requests

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Getting Started Part 1 - Posting Reviews & Requests

Postby administrator » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:19 am

Welcome to the forum.

This is our first step-by-step tutorial on how to make proper use of this forum. As with all new skills, and a bit of patience and repetition you can also participate with this community like the seasoned reviewers who came before you.

In this first chapter of our tutorial series we will teach you various practical aspects to engage this forum using the rich resources available to you.

This will not only provide you with the basic skills to be proficient at posting reviews, but will also cut down the amount of editing that our volunteer moderators have to do on a daily basis to keep this forum standardized and user-friendly.

In this first tutorial you will learn the following:

a) Should I begin a new topic (thread)?
b) Starting new threads
c) How to use our posting templates
d) How to upload photographs to your posts
e) How to edit your posts after they have been made live
f) Keeping your posts updated (adding new information)


If you would like to start a new topic about a certain venue or working girl (whether a query or field report), always make sure that it / she has not already been discussed on the forum. There is nothing more annoying to existing members than people asking the same questions over and over again without first doing a little research themselves.

Please make use of our quick and powerful Search function at the top right-hand corner of the forum before posting any new threads. Simply type a name, telephone number, suburb or venue name in the search bar and tap 'enter' on your keyboard. This will reveal any previous information that might have been posted regarding your search query. If the search finds relevant information, follow the links provided and post your comments at the end of the threads as a reply. If the search results bring up nothing, you may start a new thread.


A thread is like a string of beads. In this instance, your first post and subsequent replies by other members are the beads which make up the string. To start a thread (unique topic), first make sure you are logged in and that you are in the correct forum section. Make sure you are in the correct region and then sub-section.

To start a new topic click on the NewTopic icon. This is usually found at the top of the page.

New topic.jpg

If you are posting a new thread in one of the review sections, you will be presented with easy-to-use posting templates, where all you have to do is fill in the blanks. (more on this will be discussed below). If you are posting in the General Discussions area, you will find a blank posting form where you can type anything you want.

Please refer to our Forum Rules and Grammar & Styles - Posting Requirements guides in the Welcome section and Rules Section.


The first information required of you in review sections will be for you to fill in an appropriate Subject (header) to announce your thread in the posting list. This will remain the title of the thread. To standardize this and to allow others to quickly identify relevant information, there is certain key information required to create a valid Subject (header).

In the case of individual working girl reviews, the following information should be written in the order below.

1. Working Girl Name (as advertised)
2. Venue Name (if applicable)
3. Suburb / Area
4. Telephone number - NO SPACES BETWEEN THE FIGURES PLEASE - 0831234567 not 083 123 4567
5. All these separate pieces of relevant information should be separated by a hyphen '-' Examples below.

Michelle - Chicago Club - Bellville
Nikki - Sea Point

For Venues, the following information should be written in the order below.

1. Name of Venue
2. Suburb / Area
3. All these separate pieces of relevant information should be separated by a hyphen '-' Examples below.

Naughty40 - CBD
The Cape Ranch - Joostenburgvlakte

Please consult our Grammar & Styles - Posting Requirements guide for tips on acceptable postings and ways to make your postings easier to read by others.


With the exception of the 'General Discussions' section, all review sections of the forum are template driven when starting a new thread [topic]. When you click on the 'New Topic' icon, you will be presented with a set of mandatory fields to fill in. Templates help to standardize the information on this forum. They also allow the quick referencing of key information. Filling in the templates is easy. The first thing you will notice are the code tags at the beginning and end of certain questions, marked as [ b ] and [ /b ]. There must be left in the template to bolden certain text between them. Never delete or move them.

Template Screenshot.jpg

To fill in all the required information, simply begin typing AFTER the [ /b] tags. Leaving a single space after the tag before your first letter is preferable. Always fill in all the relevant information required to complete your review. Don't leave out information if at all possible. If you are not sure of specific information, simple type 'Unknown' in the blank field/s.

Template Screenshot Filled.jpg

If you do not post correctly the first time, simply edit your post and practice until you get get it right. After a few posts, you will soon be filling in templates on the fly.


Adding photos to your reviews or comments adds great value to the forum. Because photos are in many cases the only way to identify working girls who often move around and reinvent themselves (change name and contact details), they are essential to the success of this forum and keeping is all abreast of their career paths (and while on the run).

NB: We only allow photos which have been published on bona fide escort listing sites to be uploaded as attachments. Private photos from other sources (non working girl related) will be deleted.

To add a photo to your post, we highly recommend you attach them and upload them to our server, rather than post direct links to them with image tags from other sites. The reason for this is because other sites often change their photos on a regular basis. Photos linked to today may appear today, but may disappear tomorrow. Working girls change change aliases, ads and reinvent themselves a lot, so old external links may soon be lost for ever.

You may attach up to 5 photographs in a single post.

Step 1. Download and save the photos you wish to attach to your pc or phone.
Step 2. Click on the "Upload Attachment" tab below the main posting template. (Seen in red below)

Attachments Tab.jpg

Step 3. Find the photograph saved on your pc or phone, and click on "Add the file" button.
Step 4. Once uploaded the page will refresh with the file uploaded. If you leave it as is, the photo will appear at the bottom of the post. If you would like to place it in specific part of in the body of text, place your cursor where you want it, and press the "Place inline" button. A piece of code will appear which will make the photo appear after submitting the post.


After you have posted on the forum prior, there may be reason to change certain details or update your post. As the originator of your post you can simply use the "Edit" button on the top right hand side of your post.


By clicking on it, the post will open in the text editor where you may change details. Once edited, click the "Submit" button at the bottom. Your changes become live immediately. You can also delete attachments using this function.


After posting a review, you may find out down the line that a certain working girl or venue's details have changed and wish to inform others by updating your original information. Please edit your original posts to reflect new information or post follow-up replies in the thread. Moderators spend a lot of time linking new and old information behind the scenes in order to keep the database as up to date as possible, but we need your input to assist us. We are all the eyes and ears of this forum.

Getting Started Part 2 - To follow soon.
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Re: Getting Started Part 1 - Posting Reviews & Requests

Postby Desert Storm » Thu May 04, 2017 9:37 am

Hi. How do i reach the editor/ Moderator as i have very urgent news to report to him
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Re: Getting Started Part 1 - Posting Reviews & Requests

Postby administrator » Thu May 04, 2017 10:02 am

Check your private messages inbox.
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