Working Girl / Venue Feedback - Please Report dodgy postings

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Working Girl / Venue Feedback - Please Report dodgy postings

Postby administrator » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:16 pm

This is a punter's forum and as such we do not allow the direct transmission of messages and postings from the industry.
However, in some cases we recognize and acknowledge that issues do arise where working girls are unfairly denigrated (To attack the character or reputation), or venues are wrongfully targeted by either:

1. Irked punters who perhaps demanded more than what they were offered and seek an avenue to get back at a girl by posting a bad review when she does not comply with their demands. This often occurs when there may be miscommunication in setting up a booking as to what services were on offered and those which were not, or him and the girl not getting along on a personal level. As in the real world, we do not always get along with everyone when we first meet them. Sometimes punters can be rude, inconsiderate and rough with girls, not showing them the respect they in turn demand. All of these things can lead to an uncomfortable situation which may lead to a negative review.

2. Previous working partners and venue owners (or their management) sometimes feel aggrieved when a girl leaves their venue, especially if she was good at her job and had a profitable profile. Sometimes these aggrieved people will resort to opening fake accounts with the purpose of attacking or denigrating the person leaving, hoping it will ruin their future career prospects elsewhere.

3. Many working girls have boyfriends, husbands or life partners who are either aware (and sometimes not) of the type of work their ladies do. Jealously and anger always creep into these relationships and the partner then begins posting negative information in an attempt to have the girl leave the industry. Often when a partner finds out, without having prior knowledge of her work, he will seek retribution by attempting to ruin her career by posting falsities about her in order to harm her business and psyche.

4. Sometimes there is Business Jealously between Venues, where one owner will attempt to blacken the name of a nearby venue in order to use the forum to their competitive advantage. This won't be tolerated.

In all of the above cases, there may be a clear case of misrepresentation of the girls or venues and their services which negatively impacts on their future income potential. If any of these reports can be clearly demonstrated as bogus, we have an open line to contact us to state your side of the story if you feel a review was written in bad faith.


Girls and venues can email We will do our best to look at the merits of the complaints when time avails.

However, be warned that: -

* shoddy service,
* lack of personal hygiene,
* clock watching and rushed service,
* drug usage during bookings,
* interference and intimidation by pimps,
* pay and run scams,
* bait and switch marketing ploys,
* dodgy business practices,
* misleading marketing and
* unprofessional conduct

will remain in our hellopunter sections if it's obvious that they occurred. It's up to girls and venues to then pull up their socks and begin offering professional services to clear up their image.

The moral of the story is, if you are good at what you do and are consist at offering great service this forum can and will benefit you greatly. Many girls readily admit this form has driven the majority of their business and some even stopped advertising altogether because of their favorable reviews. In this industry a picture really doesn't say 1000 words in an online advert or newspaper. Often good looking girls and their narratives are a let down for punters and not so good looking photos of girls may prejudice a girl who offers exceptional service. We believe this forum is the vehicle to convey those 1000 words, either positively or negatively about your business.

How you conduct you business inevitably reflects here, so always strive to better your services and offerings.
Read the forums and learn the habits of the successful working girls and venues and better your offerings and you will be rewarded with similar good reports.
Read the negative reports and learn which habits and things to avoid so you don't end up being listed in the shun list.

It's all up to you.
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