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Wonder Ladies - Midrand

Postby Griff » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:45 pm

Venue Name: Wonder Ladies
Location / Address: Midrand - Noordwyk - geelbos street
Contact Number: - 073 665 1157
Advertises on: purple site

Venue Fees: - R500
Is parking on or off street? - venue is a house, parking inside yard behind a closed gate

(Rate 1 to 10) - 7
1 = poor 5 = average 10 = excellent

How discreet is the venue?-possible chance of passing a fellow punter in the car park, i doubled back once that car drove off
Welcoming on arrival - met "the aunty" - she takes you to your designated room and calls the girls
Friendliness of girls - there was a line up of 9 girls. each walks into the room and introduces their names and some mention extras they offer
Beverages on offer - there is a fridge there - drinks for sale "sign on fridge is for parties"
Selection of girls - all sizes! at least 3 very sexy hot girls, 2 are a bit passed sell by date
Room cleanliness room was clean, but there was no ensuite, the showers were across the room.
Towels and linen - towels were decent
Shower/Bathroom facilities bathroom was about a 6/10 rating, mens shower gel available (i didn't shower and went home)
Room temperature - warm but not too hot, there was a bar heater in the room but wasn't needed
Value for Money - fair

SHARE YOUR VISIT EXPERIENCE BELOW - was hunting for a bit of action and noticed that all girls pics had the same background.... figured rather goto the venue then get stuck with 1 girls direct advert. called the place up, got the address and was told the rates and there were 11 girls to choose from. drove there and called once at the gate. the venue is a house in a very nice suburb. they opened the motor gate, i found a parking and then met "the aunty" she was not fuckable even on a bad day and was worried that maybe i was going to have a bad evening.. i was shown into a room that was clean but didn't have an ensuite shower. there was a bed, 2 seater couch, a bedside table with some air freshener and a 2 bar heater on the floor. the room was warm and the heater wasn't needed.

"the aunty" told me the girls will introduce themselves and i can pick whom i wanted. she left , pulling the door show and then i heard the sound that put me to easy. the sound of high heels shuffling on a wooden floor. the girls were chatting and calling for "auntieeee" as they lined up behind the closed room door.

the girls each walked in 1 buy one wearing there best outfits and introduced their names, each one closed the door behind them and did a quick twirl. then walked out and the next girl walked in. there were a few eager ones that outright told you they offered Oral With Out (no condom), greek and got a bit touchy but i just mentioned i wanted to see the full line up.

there are some very tall ladies with slim LOOONG legs at this place! WOW! the kinky stockings and heels guys would be happy.

i settled on a girl named ashante and then paid over the R500. she was slim, sexy and had a unique raspy voice.

she left the room for a minute and returned locking the door behind her. she asked what i was interested in and i settled on a blow and a massage. she offered Oral With Out (no condom) for an extra R100 and i told her i had it in the car.

soft fluffy blanked was placed on the bed sheet and i got onboard for my massage. she climbed ontop and used baby oil and started with my shoulders working her way down. her massage was half decent but there were no body slides or sensual.

turn around for the blow and she was impressive. i brought up her having a tongue ring and she started to twirl it around the head of my cock. very pleasurable.

then i came, she cleaned me up and i got dressed. leaving the room she checked the coast first and then called me through to my car.

will i return: yes, but only if in the area.
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Re: Wonder Ladies - Midrand

Postby Moderator » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:42 pm

When you google the number it finds Pussycat Dolls on Sinncity, can anyone shed a light on this

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