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Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:36 pm
by dieselman
Name: Ashley
Other working name/s: na
Location: Sydney, Australia
Ethnicity: white
Age: 40ish
Advertises where?:
Contact Number/s: see site
Email address:
Her donation: $180 for half hour
When last visited: yesterday

Was she friendly on meeting you? iIt is a brothel so you get to meet a bunch of girls. They are all friendly.

Did she look similar to the photos on her advert/s? na

Describe her looks and features. Tall, blond big enhanced breasts. Very classy. Like a mates sexy beautiful wife that you want to fuck.

Does she work privately, for a small venue or a club? Brothel

Is her venue clean and tidy & does it have private parking?. Top notch brothel

What are your expectations for a good punt? (Girlfriend Experience/Porn Star Experience/Just a massage with Happy Ending/etc)? PSE and GFE mix

How was foreplay? (BlowJob, 69, fingering, rimming etc) / Does she kiss? once I jumped out of the shower we started Deep French Kissing. I knew then that the sex was going to be good. She kissed with a relaxed mouth which is what I like. I slowly stripped off her blue cocktail fees and kissed down her enhanced tits and tight body. Once on my knees I tongued her around the edge of her blue pantries and she groaned with pleasure.

How was sex? / Is she spontaneous or mechanical? she was very spontaneous. She kneeled down and gave me a wonderful loose and sensual BBBJ. After a few minutes a would have quite happily have blown in her mouth but we were only 10 minutes in.
I need to point out that I only usually do 1/2 punts - it’s cheaper and I can can get everything need in that time. Anything else means I need to make polite conversation and I am not there for that. I’m not lonely 8 just want to fuck. We moved from 69 her on top to me on top. I then moved my cock away from her mouth before I came and buried my head between her legs. I fingers her whole licking her clit until she came hard.
I then dommed up and pushed my cock inside her while she was on her back with her legs up. After a few mins I moved to doggy after which I came.

What could she do to improve her services? finished off coming in her mouth and on her face

Will you consider returning again? yes already planning it!

Re: Ashley - Miss Heaven

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:51 pm
by Hammo
Great review dieselman. Thanks for that. Wish we had a mature brothel here too - i'd be in 7th heaven. Can't believe how many girls you have to choose from! Pity the site doesn't have pics of them. Not cheap at R1700 for 30mins :-)

Re: Ashley - Miss Heaven

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:11 pm
by dieselman
Yes it is expensive to punt here but the quality is really great. I will post more about the other places I frequent. Young beautiful girls and the sites have pics.

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 11:29 am
by fvh1
Hav you ever done eithet gracey jones/sascha rose that advettises on blue Fuck they are hot....

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 11:59 pm
by dieselman
Fvh1, couldn’t find that site. Please provide the complete URL. Thanks

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 10:32 am
by administrator

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 11:58 am
by dieselman
Thanks Admin but I was referring to fvh1s reference to a site called ‘blue’. Couldn’t find any site similar to it. Tried different variations but nothing. Was wanting to know which URL he was referring to.
Ps I created the original review above and am based in Sydney.

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 12:22 pm
by fvh1

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 12:24 pm
by fvh1

Re: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:01 pm
by incognito69
I choked on the prices...